Distributed Computing Researcher

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Date: May 18, 2023

Location: Bangalore, IN

Company: Dolby Laboratories, Inc.

Join the leader in entertainment innovation and help us design the future. At Dolby, we’re changing the way the world experiences sight and sound. We enable people to experience music and movies; videos and pictures in all its intended grandeur and make life & work more meaningful and immersive. We give technology to the world’s content creators, owners, and distributors; manufacturers of TV, Mobile, and PC; and social and media platforms; so that they can truly delight their customers. We're the ones behind the astounding sound and sight experiences in the movie theaters and in your living room; on your mobile phones and on the internet.


ATG (Advanced technology group) is the research and technology arm of Dolby Labs. It has multiple competencies that innovate technologies in audio, video, AR/VR, gaming, music, and movies. ATG’s expertise includes most fields of computer science and electrical engineering, such as AI/ML, computer vision, image and audio processing and compression, distributed systems, cloud, edge & mobile computing.


What you’ll do
We’re looking for a talented distributed computing specialist who is excited to create advanced technologies that interest Dolby and benefit society. The candidate will be responsible for conducting progressive research in the field of computing architectures and systems, with a focus on developing scalable algorithms, architecture, and infrastructure that improve the efficiency and usability of Audio/Imaging processing and AI techniques. Your initial projects will be in the field of distributed architectures for XR application. This role will evolve over time and the candidate will be involved in defining its exact scope and direction.

Job Responsibilities:
• Conduct advanced research in the area of split and distributed computing architectures, with a focus on improving the scalability, reliability and efficiency of distributed and split algorithms for Audio/Visual experiences.
• Design and implement novel algorithms, data structures, and protocols for AI/ML models which run in a distributed computing environment in both inference and training mode.
• Develop and evaluate distributed architectures that include both end-user device and cloud components.
• Collaborate with other ATG researchers and understand Dolby’s audio and image technologies and algorithms. Design computing architectures that support the deployment of current and future Dolby technologies in a highly scalable manner.
• Publish and present research findings in top-tier conferences and journals.



• PhD/Msc+ 4 years of experience in Computer Science or a related field.
• Strong publication record and evidence of performing state-of the art Computer Science research.
• Strong research background in theoretical computer science, algorithms, data structures, and distributed systems.
• Deep understanding of main computing architectures including client–server, three-tier, n-tier, peer-to-peer.
• Deep understanding of and practical experience with different ways of implementing algorithms including centralized algorithms, parallel algorithms, and distributed algorithms.
• Experience with AI/ML models and cloud optimization.
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, with an ability to design and evaluate complex systems.
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Ability to work independently and collaboratively in a team environment.
• Experience using AWS, GCP or other cloud serverless offerings.
• Familiar with Git-Hub and other software management tools.
• Desired: Basic knowledge on Audio/Video streaming formats.