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Date: Jun 23, 2024

Location: Nuernberg, DE

Company: Dolby Laboratories, Inc.


Join the leader in entertainment innovation and help us design the future. The Dolby U internship program offers impactful, project-based work experience in a collaborative, creative environment where you work side by side with industry leaders. Amplify your insatiable curiosity by implementing real-world solutions that revolutionize how people communicate and how entertainment is created, delivered, and enjoyed worldwide. We offer a collegial culture, challenging projects, and excellent compensation and benefits, not to mention a Flex Work approach that is truly flexible to support where, when, and how you do your best work. For any student seeking to gain invaluable expertise through meaningful, personal contributions, we invite you to join us in continuing to design a future where technology meets entertainment!



This project aims to design and implement a self-guided listening training program for critical listeners, focusing on evaluating and enhancing immersive audio experiences, considering immersive perception and psycho-acoustic principles, as well as leveraging latest didactial standards. The program shall cover discrete loudspeaker configurations, virtualization techniques, and address common errors in immersive audio tuning across various listening environments, including Critical Listening Rooms, TVs, Cars, and Headphones.

This project is also be suitable for a master thesis.



  • Review literature on immersive audio perception and psychoacoustics.
  • Outline an immersive audio training program based on current research.
  • Create educational materials for different listening environments.
  • Test the program, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments.
  • Execute the launch of the final training program.


Skills & Qualifications:

  • Enrolled in a Master’s degree in Media Technology or related fields.
  • Experience in immersive audio mixing and mastering
  • Knowledge of immersive audio technologies and psychoacoustics.
  • Proficient in research, content creation, and applying feedback.
  • Independent, with a proactive approach to self-guided learning.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Expertise in immersive audio and educational program design.
  • Experience in project management from concept to launch.
  • Enhanced skills in research, development, and critical feedback integration.



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